Wow! It’s been a while since I’ve done this. After an impressive absence of three months, I appear to be back. If I’d timed it better I could have done this a couple of weeks ago and coincided my return with another very famous (although fictional) comeback. Oh well.
The computer still hasn’t been repaired, due to lack of me making any effort to get it fixed, but I now have an alternative means of writing this blog which is preferable to doing it on my phone though not quite as good as doing it on a PC (well, one that works anyhoo).
I have been fairly busy/preoccupied during my absence but I’ve still had time to think up a few ideas for new blog posts, so all being well my output over the rest of the year should be noticeably better than it has been lately. Before any new material appears though, I still have a half done draft of ‘The Secret Project’ to complete, a post that has been sitting in limbo since the middle of January. It’s been waiting to see the light of day for long enough so that’s what’s coming next.
I hope no one has been waiting excitedly all this time for the revelation of ‘The Secret Project’, if so, I apologise  for the unnecessary stress I’ve caused your tenterhooks. It is quite exciting  though… 😉
One thing I’ve been able to do during my prolonged absence is to keep an eye on the site stats and despite the lack of new material there has still been a fairly steady stream of visitors to the blog. Quite why I’m not sure, probably the lure of nudity, but it’s pleasing to see that the blog can continue to trundle on without any input from me!
Well, that’s all for now, I’ve already told you what’s coming next time, so without further ado I’ll say adieu and be back… soon!
Peace… ses x