A couple of nights ago I sneaked out a post with my blogging summary of 2013 which is kindly provided by wordpress. It provides a limited statistical overview of how my blog has performed over the last 12 months. I guess it’s quite interesting, though probably moreso to me than anyone else… Oh well…

Anyhoo, in a vain attempt to make the subject slightly more interesting, I’ve decided to compare my 2013 figures with those of the previous year whilst trying to dig out some more curious gems of statistical strangeness. Slightly more interesting right?


I was actually around 600 site views down compared to my performance in 2012, which is a bit poor, but if you take into account the fact that I produced over 50 less posts last year, that figure doesn’t appear too bad. What also becomes apparent is that I was much lazier in 2013. Or that I was busier, or more distracted by something or other, or something. The dreaded advent calendar did account for over a quarter of my output in 2012, even so, I must make more of an effort this year. Whether I’ll succeed is another matter, but I’ll try 😉

For the second successive year, people came to my site searching for forced nudity, and for the second successive year they will have been disappointed. Advanced warning for any forced nudity enthusiasts out there: You’ll be disappointed again this year. Plastic fork sculpture replaced magic mushrooms as another popular search term, which is good in one way, maybe not so in another. Maybe I ought to write more about magic mushrooms this year to redress the balance.

Something that did go in my favour this year was my ‘global appeal’ (cough!) The site got views from 60 different countries this time round, 4 up on the previous total. From as far back as the records will allow me to go, my humble blog has been accessed from 74 separate nations which is quite good I think. If I can add to that figure over the next 12 months I’ll consider the year a success!

One further statistic to note is that since the start of this blog I’ve received 99 comments (although that may include some of my own in the form of replies) so the not-very-coveted opportunity to make the 100th comment is up for grabs… Feel free!

* * * *

Short and sweet, like a midget rolled in Sugar Puffs (is that politically correct?) Next time it’s all about The (not as) Secret (as it used to be) Project.

Stay tuned!

Ciao for now… ses x