The lines have been closed and the votes have been counted and verified, and although the announcement isn’t quite as exciting as it should be since I broke the news on twitter last night, this years winner is…… Sarah, who claims the crown for the second year in succession! Her entry, naming the plants after the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, just pipped Fats’ suggestion of giving them pop star/narcotic hybrid names by 55.56% to 44.44% (feel free to work out how many people actually went to the trouble of voting…) I trailed in a pitiful third with a total of 0.00% I can’t believe no-one at all voted for me 😦 Though I guess in a way it’s fair as if I had won it might have looked suspicious.

I’ll now have to decide which plant is which and put sticky name labels on the pots for easy identification as they grow up. Two of the plants have now gone to live in the greenhouse, while the bigger two remain indoors enjoying the remarkably pleasant summer we’ve been enjoying for the past few weeks. I imagine it will still be about another twelve weeks before they’re mature and ready for harvesting, but growing them is all part of the enjoyment, so I’m not in any rush. Sometimes the journey is just as much fun as arriving at the destination.

As for the prize, it looks like my crop of potatoes should be ready in about another week or so. Once they’re ready I’ll get them bagged up and sent out to the winner. They’re nice little new, salady type potatoes too, so extra yummy. I may even send a smaller bag to Fats as a runner-up prize, especially as he came so close to claiming the title. I dread to think how much the postage is going to be for sending potatoes through the mail, I should have really thought things through better before I came up with them as the prize.

Will I be running the competition again next year? I don’t know, a year is a long time and lots can happen, and just like those other talent shows such as The Voice or Popstars – The Rivals, there’s no guarantee that another series will be commissioned. If it does happen, the question is will anybody be able to oust Sarah, or will she beat off all comers for a third year in a row? Who knows?

* * * *

Stay tuned, back soon, with a post about the magnificence of mushrooms, and it’ll be educational too!

Love and peace… ses x