Yes, it’s another one of those apology/excuse posts that doesn’t really count as a real post. 2013 hasn’t been too good for this blog so far, but I seem to have been distracted quite a lot this month with one thing or another, some good, some not so good.

The past week wasn’t so good. I went for six days without heating or hot water, the same six days there was snow on the ground. I was too cold and cranky to do much of anything, hence the lack of blogging. I had a disagreement with my employers too which could have turned unpleasant but thankfully didn’t in the end. Another reason for the lack of blogging.

I have heating and hot water again now, just in time to see the snow disappear and the temperature to rise (that’s actually how good my new boiler is, it’s raised the temperature of the whole country!) My disagreement with my employers is also hopefully drawing to a positive conclusion, which is good news, well, for me at least!

So, starting from now, sort of, normal service should resume. I’ll be back, quite soon, with my treasonous theories. Lets just try and forget about January.


Fascinating facts (courtesy of wikipedia) – Around 2500 years ago, February was considered to be the last month of the year. 300 years before that, it didn’t even exist. An old English name for February is Kale-monath, which means ‘cabbage month’. Extra fascinating fact – Back when February was quite new, there was another month called Intercalaris, that they later got rid of. Shame, it’s got a snappy name, sounds like something off a 1950s sci-fi movie!


Sorry, got kinda sidetracked there. Yeah, so anyhoo, that’s about all really. Expect to see an increase in my blog activity. It might not get any better, but there’ll be more of it 🙂

Back soon! You’ll see!

Adieu… ses x