December 24th – Xmas eve.

Smoking Santa? I approve :)

Smoking Santa? I approve 🙂

I’m cheating this time! I haven’t got a festive topic to cover, it’s more a case of *phew* I made it all the way through. 24 posts in 24 days was a kind of stupid idea, but I would have felt bad giving up once I’d started. I know one slipped and was a day late, but I did have a very good excuse for that. I’m glad it’s over, I’m looking forward to the break.

I’ll do a couple of posts between now and the new year. One about ‘forthcoming attractions’ followed by this year’s Retrospecticon (I did one last year. I should link it, but I’m feeling lazy!) So it’s a preview followed by a review…

As promised, here’s my xmas card for the year. I’ve already posted it on twitter and posted real life copies of it too of course. I hope everyone has a nice xmas, whichever way they choose to spend it.

Peace on earth :)

Peace on earth 🙂

Sweet dreams… ses x