December 23rd – Advent calendar.

A long fingernail made life much easier.

A long fingernail made life much easier.

Hmmm, an advent calendar in an advent calendar… Quite postmodern don’t you think? My research tells me that this is yet another xmas tradition that was born in Germany. In fact one man can claim credit as being the father of the modern advent calendar, a fellow called Gerhard Lang. The tradition had been around for a couple of hundred years already, but he is credited with being the first to print them commercially and the one who had the idea for the little cardboard doors too! Three cheers for Gerhard Lang!

I used to enjoy having an advent calendar when I was young. I guess it helped build a sense of anticipation, but on reflection it does seem kinda boring, and it’s not as if a child isn’t going to be aware that xmas is approaching if they don’t open up a little cardboard window every day. Still, I enjoyed them 🙂

Oh, and I disapprove of chocolate filled ones, because I’m old-fashioned!


Back tomorrow… ses x