December 20th – Xmas pudding.

If you dress like this don't be surprised if someone sets you on fire.

If you dress like this don’t be surprised if someone sets you on fire.

Wikipedia kindly informs us that the xmas pudding has its origins in medieval England, although it didn’t really appear in the form we now know it until the early 19th century. The modern xmas pudding is a health and safety nightmare, an accident waiting to happen. If you can avoid spilling flaming alcohol over yourself, you then have to worry about breaking a tooth on whatever coin may have been secreted in the pudding mix. Is it really worth the risk?

I’m not a big fan of xmas pudding, but my Nan used to make superb xmas cakes. I guess everyone would say that, but I’m biased, and she did! My Mum’s taken over the xmas cake making mantle now, and although I enjoy baking occasionally, I’ve not learned the ‘secret family recipe’. Fruit cakes are a bit time consuming and complicated for my baking skills, though I am making some savoury scones this weekend. I might make some ‘space scones’ as well, that would be fun!

Twenty down, four to go…

See you tomorrow… ses x