December 17th – Trees.

Where's the health and safety officer?

Where’s the health and safety officer?

Relax, I’m not going to get on my environmental high horse again, even though this ranks up there along side wrapping paper and light displays. I’m also not going to suggest that there’s anything un-xmassy about trees, because I’ve done my research (starts with goo, ends with gle…) and xmas trees have been around a very long time, although Britain lagged behind the rest of Europe on this trend. Our German friends can claim credit for the xmas tree, as they started the modern convention, and it sort of fanned out from there. It seems that they were also responsible for the first artificial trees, created to alleviate deforestation, good for them!

Xmas trees are OK, I have no strong feelings about them either way. I like trees a lot, but I much prefer to see them in their natural habitat. There used to be a wonderful old tree growing behind my house. It was cut down about six years ago when some new homes were built there, but I’ll never forget it 🙂

Seven more… Almost there!

Back tomorrow… ses x