December 15th – Robins.

Not exactly bob-bob-bobbing along.

Not exactly bob-bob-bobbing along.

The robin! Yet another victim of having itself related to xmas for no obvious reason. I don’t know if other countries have robins as part of their xmas mythos, and there are different types of robins in other parts of the world, or it’s just a weird British thing. They live here all year round, they don’t migrate, so why have they earned the dubious honour of appearing on countless xmas card designs?

Robins are great! They’re good to watch, they’re territorial, antisocial and like a good sing. Much like blackbirds, they actually seem to enjoy a bit of a scrap with their neighbours. Also like blackbirds, they can develop a vague relationship with humans, which stands them apart from other garden birds. Apart from blackbirds obviously. They’re also great, but not xmassy, even though robin’s aren’t really xmassy either…!? Hmmmm…

Today’s bonus… Some good music (and it’s relevant ;))…

See you next time… ses x