December 13th – More Cards.

He's checking to see if there's any money in there!

He’s checking to see if there’s any money in there!

Half way into this ludicrous advent calendar blog thing and I’m running out of ideas? Not quite, but it’s practically a miracle that I’ve been able to churn one of these things out every day so far. Do I wish I’d never started it in the first place? Maybe… Anyhoo…

Do you ever send an xmas card to someone you don’t communicate with for the rest of the year? Does anyone like that send them to you? There are a heck of a lot of people who do just that, and I guess I’m kind of guilty of it myself, to an extent. I think it’s more prevalent in older generations, who grew up with written letters and cards being the only way to communicate with people a long way away. It’s far easier to keep in touch with people now, maybe too easy some would say, but as little as fifty years ago, writing was the predominant way of keeping in contact with distant friends and family.

In the past week I’ve delivered a few xmas cards to dead people (my job’s the same as the one in the picture…) It feels slightly strange to do that. Clearly the sender doesn’t know that the recipient died several months ago, they weren’t that close, but they still send the card, year after year, semi-sincere sentiments sent to someone who isn’t there any more. It’s sad…

Sorry, a morbid advent calendar entry, oops!

Back tomorrow, whether I want to be or not o_0

Ciao for now… ses x