December 11th – Gifts.

That tank top must smell reeeaaally bad!?

That tank top must smell reeeaaally bad!?

Hmmm, that awkward time of year when we feel morally obligated to buy people stuff they don’t really want in the expectation that they’ll buy us something we don’t want in exchange, brilliant! If television adverts are to be believed (yeah, right) men want tablets (no, not those kind of tablets) or fancy cameras, women want perfume or hair straighteners, teenagers want mobile phones and EVERYBODY wants an overpriced watch. Nothing says “I couldn’t really think what to get you but felt I had to get you something anyway” like receiving something from that list.

I have a handy tip for when it comes to choosing xmas gifts. Simply buy everybody on your list the same thing, it saves a lot of decision making and deliberating. Last year I got friends and family some nice socks and a copy of Mr. Oizo’s strange film ‘Rubber’ on DVD. They may not have enjoyed the movie, but everyone loves socks, right? Right!

Back again tomorrow…

Until then :)… ses x