December 9th – Decorations.

Nice baubles!

Nice baubles!

Xmas decorations seem to be notorious for bringing out some peoples’ competitive instincts. The urge to transform your home into some sort of stroboscopic mega-grotto visible from the space station consumes a percentage of the population every year, and everything has to be bigger, brighter, more spectacular and garish than your neighbours’ decorative efforts. Unfortunately for me, I’m sandwiched between two neighbours who do just that, decking their metaphorical halls with boughs of flashing lights and inflatable reindeer.

This year I’m going for the minimal look with a humble three items of decoration. I’m putting them in the front window too so people who pass by don’t think I’m all grumpy and un-xmassy. Not that I should care what other people think… I wasn’t going to bother at all this year as the kids are all grown up and moved out, and I don’t think the pets care either way, and I’m not that interested. Three seems a good compromise…

Back tomorrow, all being well!

Ciao… ses x