December 1st – Turkey.

Scary gobblers!

Do people like eating turkey? I don’t eat it so I can’t say whether it’s nice or not. Xmas seems to be a time when people get enthusiastic about eating turkey, it’s considered part of the ritual. If people like turkey that much, why don’t they just buy it all through the year anyway? I’m sure it’s readily available. Then there’s the almost tradition of getting fed up of eating turkey after a few days. Can’t people just buy the right sized bird in the first place? Of course there must be lots of people who don’t like eating turkey but go along with it because it’s what you’re supposed to eat at xmas. Why not try something else instead, like goose, or one of those fancy things with birds stuffed in birds stuffed in birds?

I had chinese takeaway for xmas dinner last year. I went and bought lots on xmas eve then reheated it the next day. There was plenty to go around for everyone and it went down a storm 🙂

Back tomorrow!

Cheers… ses x