Wow, I don’t know what happened last time, my previous post seemed to be really popular. I thought it was a bit average but I got loads of views and some positive feedback too, both of which I’m very thankful for. It just goes to show that I don’t know what constitutes a good blog post yet, but I’ll keep trying!
I know I said last time that this post would be called ‘The X-Word-Files’ but I’ve only changed the name, the subject matter is the same. What does the X stand for? Xmas* of course, one of my least favourite times of the year, because I’m oh so grumpy! I’m not completely un-xmassy though, just to be contradictory,  so to celebrate the festive season I’ve decided (foolishly) that I’m going to do a mini blog post every day between the 1st and the 24th of December, like an advent calendar only much more disappointing. Why I come up with these ludicrous ideas I don’t know, and I’m sure to regret it a few days in, but I’m going to give it a try!
Hopefully, every day there will be a little Xmas related post, sometimes grumpy, sometimes positive, probably nonsensical. I’ll try to keep throwing in the usual stuff as well, we’ll see how it goes. Don’t hold your breath.
So, you’ve been forewarned (and forearmed.) No need to worry if you don’t like Xmas, there should be plenty of humbug flavoured posts to keep you satisfied 😉

Apologies to anyone who noticed that this isn’t even a proper post, it’s just a long-winded announcement of what’s coming next. Sorry…

Next time… Behind Closed Doors #1 (that’s the short version)

Back soon (on Saturday hopefully!)… ses x

*It’s not my intention to offend any christians by not writing it as christmas, but I’m not a christian (or should they be called xians?) so I opted for the xmas variation. Also, it’s quicker to type.