Twice in one evening? Don’t say I don’t spoil you sometimes. Depending on your definition of ‘spoil’ that is.

* * *

Is this a gardening update? Yes… No… Maybe… Sort of… It’s the end of an era, or the end of a season. The little cannabis seed I planted in April, which sprouted and was subsequently named Sarah via an online poll completed her life cycle on Sunday when I cut her down. Here’s how the story started and finished…

The plant equivalent of a toddler

Her last moments

She ended up being surprisingly short, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a mature cannabis plant that small, yet she was still quite productive, by my modest standards at least. I knew she was close, and I wanted to be rid of the ridiculously large electricity bill I was running up having her under the lights so I did a bit of googling. I quickly found a very helpful website that explained, with photos, when a plant was ready for harvesting (they deserve your click) and as luck would have it, Sarah was pretty much ready for harvesting 🙂 So she came out of the closet and I went at her with a pair of garden clippers, getting her ready to be dried out. It took around half an hour, maybe a bit more, but to be fair I didn’t rush. I must confess that I had taken a few ‘samples’ off her over the past week or so, purely for the sake of seeing how she was progressing of course (and she was progressing well) but I’ve still ended up with what I consider to be a good harvest…

Marijuana panorama!

I would guess she’ll be ready to roll (lol?) in 5-7 days. It’s a shame she won’t take as long to smoke as she did to grow, but that amount should still last me quite a while, I don’t smoke as heavily as I used to. I must be getting sensible in my old age *sigh* I’ve enjoyed the journey of growing her, in the same way I’ve enjoyed growing the gourds this year, and all the other vegetables too. I know there’s a lot of stigma connected to what I’m doing, and I’ll go into that in part 2 of this post, yes, there’s a sequel planned, but I just like growing things that I can appreciate. Flowers look nice and smell nice (and attract insects admittedly) but there’s something more rewarding about growing something you can appreciate physically, by either eating or smoking it.

So that’s it for another year. I’ll press my thumbs for a better summer next time round, but this year turned out pretty good too 😉

Porn for stoners

Am I forgetting something? No… Before I started the process of cutting the plant down I managed to re-home the mysterious spider onto a plant in the bathroom. I scooped it, along with a chunk of it’s web, into a plant pot and carried it across the landing. I hope it wasn’t too traumatised and I hope it will be able to settle into it’s new home soon. Last time I checked I couldn’t see it, but it may just be busy acclimatising itself with its new environment. I did succeed in getting a good photograph of it, to make up for the criticism I got last time!

Still deficient in the leg department

Part 2 of this post should be coming in about a week. Before then… Could be anything…

Back soon… ses x