OK, something a bit different this time…

Just under eleven months ago, I published a fictional blog post called ‘A Bedtime Story’. Since then, I polished it a little, and also claimed I may do illustrations for it too, which I never got round to doing (there aren’t enough hours in the day…) I also included a ‘puzzle’ in the story when I wrote it, but nobody who has read it has seen the puzzle yet. I’m going to provide a link to it, and ask that anyone who sees the ‘puzzle’ please mention it in the comments box below.

I’m pretty sure it’s not too obscure, and I think it’s one of those that may be obvious once you find the answer, but please read it and see if you can find the solution. Here’s the link…

A Bedtime Story

CLUE: The last paragraph contains the question, and the answer 😉

I said this post was cheating, and it is, because I’m not having to write much. I hope somebody can solve the puzzle, if not, then I guess I’ll have to reveal the answer.

Next time… Lots of tattoos and related things.

Until then… ses x