Almost there now, the gardening updates are coming to an end, as what passed for summer comes to an end and everything left in the garden looks kinda sad and miserable. It’s the weather you know.

However, not all the plants are feeling sorry for themselves, one plant in particular is looking in the full bloom of health…

Remember Sarah?

Yes, Sarah the cannabis plant is doing her thing and creating buds 🙂 She’s in the final stage of growth now and should be ready to ‘harvest’ in about 4 weeks. So why is she doing so well despite the autumnal twist in the weather? Because I’m cheating! After spending the summer travelling between the greenhouse and the spare bedroom I decided to take the reins from mother nature and give the plant a little artificial sunshine for her final month. She’s safely enclosed in a large cupboard, basking in 12 hours of 600 watt sunshine a day. It’s hardly an energy saving lightbulb, but it’s only for a few weeks so I don’t mind. I wouldn’t grow plants in there on a regular basis, not only would it cost a fortune in electricity, but it would be too much like hard work, and too risky as well.

It seems to be working very well too, so far. I’ll let you know next month…

Can’t go without mentioning the gourds of course, although there’s still not a lot to mention. I have some gourds. They range in size from something a bit bigger than a large pear to something the size of a grape. I don’t think it’s going to get much better than that. I have a pumpkin on the way too, but I fear it has left it too late to come to fruition, unless we get a heatwave (yeah right!)

There are a few beans, tomatoes and chillies in the greenhouse, but they’re starting to look sorry for themselves. It resembles an old people’s home for plants.

On that cheery note, I shall go. Here’s a picture of my distinctly unimpressive gourd. Enjoy…

It’s not even the size of a big grape.

Next time… A quiz, and some cheating!

Until then… ses x