I tried to make some opium last weekend. It didn’t go well…

Some poppies… Nice, aren’t they?

I’m not sure how it cropped up in conversation, probably gardening related, but someone I know through my work (who shall remain anonymous) told me that they had lots of genuine ‘opium’ poppies in their garden. Never one to miss out on an opportunity to try something a little odd, I asked if I could have some so I could see if I could work out how to get the opium out. After all, they could do it hundreds of years ago, and they didn’t have the benefit of google, so it must be easy, right?

So I did a little surfing (do people still say that?) and found a few forums where people suggested different ways of extracting smokable opium from the poppy heads. There were also lots of crudely worded disclaimers by the posters on these forums saying that they weren’t actually suggesting that anybody do something so criminal, just telling you how it could, theoretically, be done. I looked through a few ‘recipes’ and settled on one that seemed to have a lot of support by other members of the forum. I already had all the ingredients, namely poppy heads and water, and everything I needed was in the kitchen; pots, pans, a strainer and a blender etc.

Eight hours of Saturday and a bit of Sunday later, I’d done my blending, straining, freezing, straining, freezing, straining and reducing and ended up with something that looked vaguely promising, and sounded like the stuff mentioned on the forums. It didn’t smell much of anything, but I didn’t know whether it was supposed to smell.

Sunday evening came round and I went to sit out in the back garden with my ‘opium cigarette’. I’d mixed a bit of the brown, crumbly stuff  into some tobacco, not too much, just in case it was a roaring success, but enough to be sure it was working. It tasted alright, a bit woody, but not unpleasant or thick. There was no instant ‘hit’, but I was patient, some things take a few minutes to kick in. A bit more patience… Ten minutes, can I feel anything happening?


Oh well, a failed experiment, but I guess the fun was actually in the trying of the experiment itself, rather than the result. I could try another recipe as I still have lots of poppy heads left, but I don’t know if I have the motivation to go through all of that again for no end product, so I probably won’t bother. At least I tried 🙂

An ‘Appearance’ is imminent, as is a gardening update… The excitement never ends!

Adieu… ses x