WOOHOO! An exciting update of what’s happening in the greenhouse and garden. Don’t worry, they only happen once a month, and even then only until everything dies, gets eaten or smoked. Preferably eaten by me too, not the malicious slugs and snails that lurk outside the back of the house.

First things first… Sarah. Well, she’s been a bit sluggish this month (as in slow, nothing to do with those other slugs) largely due to the crappy weather we’ve had through June, and now into July. I moved her from her lovely South facing bedroom into the greenhouse, and it seems to have helped a bit, she probably felt lonely up there and now she has some friends to photosynthesize with. The optimist in me says she’s spent the last month establishing her roots, hence a lack of activity above the soil, but there’s been a bit of promising growth in the past week with new shoots popping out here and there, and her stem’s finally thickening up a bit, which is a good sign. With any luck, next month’s update should see her looking much perkier, but in the meantime, here’s how she’s looking at the moment..

Slowly but surely…

As for the other stuff in the greenhouse, the courgettes are still growing like monstrous beasts and the first flower has appeared on one of them. Admittedly it looks more like an alien will come out of it than a courgette, but then again some aliens might look exactly like courgettes, it’s possible. I had to have a big reshuffle in the greenhouse because they were threatening to take over, but balance has been restored.

Weird looking flower, huh?

The chillies and tomatoes are both progressing steadily but unspectacularly, again due to the lack of sun. They’re not the most exciting of things to grow, but fairly reliable.

The outdoor vegetables are doing OK, but like everything else missing some decent weather. The ‘unofficial’ gourds are coming along nicely, while the official ones are a bit weedy but still growing… Slowly. The pumpkin looks promising, there are a few pea-pods appearing and I have round two of the radishes coming up too.

Other than that, there’s the potato plant that refuses to go away, and the alpine strawberries that want to take over the patio. Alpine strawberries are tasty it’s true, but they’re so tiny that you need hundreds of them to make them worth eating, so I just leave them for the blackbirds.

That’ll about do it for this month. Hopefully, everything will shoot up between now and the next update, “Ich druecke dir die daumen”!

Just you wait until Hallowe’en 😉

Can I have a pea please?

It’s gourd to be back *groan*

Luckily, I don’t want to swing any cats in here…

Still awake? I wrote most of this post yesterday, and when I checked the greenhouse this morning, the courgette flower had opened. Didn’t see any aliens… Someone did tell me that deep-fried courgette blossoms were considered nouvelle cuisine, but I don’t plan to try that out!

Next time, grumbling, then after that it’s time to get strange again!

Love, peace & sunshine… ses x

Not an alien in sight, but I wouldn’t eat it.