Listen while you read! It’s an oldie but a goodie 🙂 (showing my age here…)

Relax, nothing too exciting, just a little update on the progress of ‘Sarah’, and other news from the sesame-garden.

Well, about a week ago I pinched out Sarah’s head and re-potted her into her big final pot. She was ready for it. Now she’s got plenty of room (and compost) to spread her roots in. Pinching out the head worked a treat too, as it’s promoted lots of new growth further down the stalk, which was helped in no small part by the decent weather we’ve had lately. I’m just waiting on the stalk to thicken up a bit now (no sniggering at the back) but that’s only impatience on my part.

She’s shooting up like a weed (lol?)

Elsewhere, my gardening efforts have borne their first fruit. Well, I say fruit, it’s actually a radish. Bearing in mind I only planted them at the end of March, a nine week turnaround from seed to ‘ready-to-eat’ is pretty good. I know they’re not the most exciting or satisfying  members of the vegetable family, but they’re very easy to grow, and taste good sliced up in a stir-fry. They should be all be ready in the next couple of days, then I’ll plant some more!


Other than that, I’ve got some potatoes that I can’t seem to get rid of, a few peas and a couple of lettuces outside. I planted some spring onions too, but they’ve not come out to play. Oh, and weeds, lots and lots of weeds. If slugs and snails liked weeds, they’d be brilliant, but it doesn’t work like that.

It’s all systems go in the greenhouse too. I’ve got so many tomato plants growing that I’ll be  able to give Heinz some stiff competition by the end of the summer. There’s at least ten peppers/chillies of various types coming up too. My ex popped round on Friday evening  and gave me a good recipe for pasta sauce, so that’s probably what I’ll be making (in bulk) come the autumn!

Apart from that, there are two healthy looking courgette plants (I wonder if they’d work well in pasta sauce?), two pumpkin plants, one of which was left at death’s door by an evil snail, but is fighting its way back to health like a brave little soldier, and four gourds in various stages of growth. I’m quietly confident that I’m going to win the gourd growing competition that a few of us have going on, I just hope those ‘ringers’ that I got this week are the same variety as the ones we’re supposed to be growing *cough*

That’ll do for now, short and sweet, like a radish, only sweeter obviously.

Until next time… ses x

*update* Since writing this, the evil snail has reduced me to six peppers/chillies. I didn’t think they ate ‘spicy’ plants… I now know better 😦