Much as a watched pot never boils, so a watched pot plant never grows. Well, not as quickly as I’d like it to anyway. Whatever. Without further ado, it’s time to announce the winner of my ‘Name My Plant Competition’…

I couldn’t afford to employ Dermot O’Leary or Holly Willoughby or *insert name of presenter who has no discernible talent other than presenting here* so I’ll have to do it myself. After a week or so of political campaigning, and a few people grumbling about the nominations despite not making their own suggestions, the result actually turned out to be quite close. I don’t know how many people voted (as I didn’t have that setting turned on) but I didn’t vote myself, just to do the impartial thing. Basic maths suggests there were at least five votes, but I’d guess there were more than that.

Anyway… *drum roll* The result of the 2012 Name My Cannabis Plant Competition is *another drum roll*…..


*emotional Westlife song*

I’m overwhelmed by your support 😉

‘Sarah’ took the win with 60% of the vote, while ‘Mavis’ claimed a creditable 40%.

So congratulations to Sarah. In about 6 months time, I will be hacking Sarah into pieces, hanging her up to dry for a couple of weeks, then setting her on fire and inhaling her.

Thanks to everyone who voted, commented or just viewed. Next time, in a change to the schedule, something to do with video games!

Until then… Peace… ses x