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Oh no! The end of the world is nigh! Well, according to some people it is. We’re just over twelve months away from a date that has apparently been foretold as the day the world will end. I don’t know the exact details, like how it’s going to happen or how long it will take, perhaps that information hasn’t been deciphered yet. Either way, I’ve not been losing sleep over it. In fact, I’ve had a rather good idea…

Anyone who is foolish enough to believe this is going to happen should spontaneously disappear from the face of the earth on said date, never to return. Children should of course be excluded from this as they can be quite susceptible to such things, but the adults should be granted their wish of shrugging off the mortal coil, and the rest of us can go about our business happy in the knowledge that there are a few less idiots in the world. As long as none of them are piloting aircraft, or in control of other vehicles when their judgment day comes, no problem.

In fact, there are plenty of other benefits too. The mass extinction of the gullible would go some way to easing global overpopulation issues, provide job vacancies which would reduce unemployment, as well as providing more housing and food resources for those of us left. Sounds like a win-win situation!

Of course 2012 isn’t the first date to be set for armageddon. People have been at it for years, fervently proclaiming that they have some insider knowledge, either scientific or supernatural, that our collective number is up. Invariably, when they’ve been proven to be the fools they clearly are, they slink back out of the limelight, and, I’m guessing, sulk a bit. Some of them probably come back for another crack at prophesying doom, but without whatever credibility they had in the first place.

Now imagine if all these doom mongers of days gone by had been granted their wish in the same way I’m suggesting for the 2012 gang. Before long we’d end up with a planet full of sensible people (oh, imagine how sweet that would be) and the roads would be a lot less busy as an added bonus.

The majority of the problems, if you want to be taken seriously as a harbinger of doom, comes in the interpretation. Finding a funny old block of stone with squiggles on it is all well and good, but if the archeologist in the next valley has found a different block with different squiggles that point to a different date, then you’ve got your work cut out. The same applies to holy texts too. Religious types can argue amongst themselves until they’re blue in the face about what exactly a certain line in the bible or the quran or whatever book, specifically means. They would look a lot less foolish if they could all come to some common consensus regarding their faith rather than interpreting everything  differently. The general public may even start giving them some credibility.

However, that’s all maybe just wishful thinking on my part, and I’m not even certain what it is I’m wishing for! I’ll say for certain that the world will NOT end on the 21st of December next year, with the easy caveat that if I am wrong (I’m not by the way) there won’t be anyone around to say “I told you so.” There are, by my reckoning, three ways in which the world could come to an end. The first being due to the stupidity and recklessness of humans, a not unfeasible possibility. Secondly, some sort of planetary cataclysm, a natural disaster on a previously unseen scale. Again, not impossible. Thirdly, there is the extra terrestrial option. No, I don’t mean ill tempered aliens are going to turn up and exterminate us for their own reasons, though you can’t rule that out. I mean if the sun decides to go POP, or some other thing out in space hits us, explodes or sends everything wonky, and there are an awful lot of things out in space.

Sure, any of these things could happen tomorrow, and there’s no guarantee that the global population would get much, if any warning of their imminent annihilation, but chances are they won’t. Not tomorrow, not in a year’s time, and not for the foreseeable future.

Hey, but if the world does end tomorrow, don’t forget to tell everyone where you heard it first 😉

One last thing… Here’s a photograph of a neutrino detector. It’s the fancy name for an underground telescope. They’re pretty weird and complicated things, so I recommend giving them a quick google, it’s fascinating stuff. The relevance here is that if the sun was exploding, the scientists working on the neutrino detectors would probably know about it before the rest of us and just have enough time to say “Ohhhhhh sh…….”

Would make a nice album cover!

OK, so I had a week off work last week, and decided to have a week off doing this too. Sorry to those of you (anybody?) who missed my inane ramblings, normal service should be resumed from now on. Coming soon, something about a certain holiday season, something else, and as for something big, well I don’t have a clue where to start looking for it. In fact, other things around the house are developing a habit of eluding me. I’ve searched high and low for my plastic glow-in-the-dark cannabis leaves, but I’m buggered if I know where they’ve got to!

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