Well? Well? Did it work? I imagine you’re all seriously dying to know. Hmmmm, that’s my imagination for you!

OK, the day of the experiment got this blog a new viewing record, so in that regard, a success. However, rather than popping open the champagne, a can of lukewarm shandy may be more appropriate. Despite only garnering 11 votes (the guinea pig was a comfortable winner by the way) the blog actually got 35 hits last Sunday, beating the previous best of 27. Intriguingly, I’ve also earned a regular follower on WordPress, Popular Science Books. Clearly they’re big fans of experiments, so I approve.

Overall site views are now closing in on the 600 figure, so ‘pimping’ my site as someone politely put it, appears to have worked. One thing is puzzling me though. Looking at the statistics for which tags have attracted the most random views, Muller yoghurt, magic mushrooms and gourds have proved to be the most popular tags, poor Justin has none. I guess that just goes to show that there are a lot of weird people on the internet, like we didn’t know that already.

So, to sum up. The viewing figure ‘spike’ was a limited success, but a bit of a sparkler rather than an explosion. Overall, site views seem to be on the up. Maybe I’ll try another publicity stunt in the future, though this time I ought to try and plan it in advance rather than just making things up as I go along. Never mind though, quality is always better than quantity, if you know what I mean 😉

Next time, get tucked in for a bedtime story!

ses x