Hmmm, I was wondering what I should do for my next blog entry, and the first thing that came to mind was that I could grumble about something or someone. This seems to be the “done thing”, people sit before their keyboards firing out vitriolic arrows left, right and centre… “This thing makes me really angry, I hate this person, so-and-so is such a dick etc.”
So I started to make my mental list of targets. It was pretty easy. One dislike tends to lead onto another, and before I knew it I was ready to spit my bile out all over the internet, shaking my metaphorical fist at a variety of subjects (and people) who rub me up the wrong way.
That’s far too easy, and it’s lazy too. I don’t want to join this anonymous army of haters, oozing negativity and anger. It’s just another form of pollution, pollution of the spirit maybe, so I’ve had to go back to the drawing board, make a U-turn, activate plan B. What have I come up with? Well, in an attempt to balance the karma of the internet in a drop-in-the-ocean kind of way, I now present three things that I really like doing and are in no way negative, grumpy or mean!
1) At certain times of the year, probably round the time of the equinoxes (if I’ve spelled that wrong, do let me know) the sun and the moon are both visible in the sky at the same time. It always cheers me up to try and make myself cross-eyed so that one eye is looking at the sun while the other is focused on the moon. It’s my own little attempt at cosmic triangulation, an easy yet fulfilling way to remind myself of my own insignificance, and everybody else’s too 😉
2) Have you ever been on a train that’s not moving and the train on the next line starts moving? It kinda makes you feel like your train has set off, until you catch sight of something stationary. Well, now imagine that happening on both sides of the train at once, with the two trains you’re not on going in opposite directions to each other. How does that make you feel? Pretty weird huh? Like you’re spinning around in a circle at the centre of a vortex, oooh! I’ve only experienced it a couple of times but it’s one of those things everybody should try at least once!
3) Lighthouses! I know not everyone feels the same as I do about lighthouses (you know who you are!) but I can’t help being drawn to these enigmatic and symbolic structures. They’re almost always surrounded by wonderful scenery and fresh air. They’re architecturally and mechanically fascinating if you’re into that kind of thing. They’re also symbols of safety and security, and I think they’re rather romantic too.
Just the thought of lighthouses puts me in a good mood. Would I like to be a lighthousekeeper? Hmmm, maybe I would 😉
So there you have it… Hopefully a little oasis of positivity in amongst all that grumpiness. But I wouldn’t be surprised if I contradict myself somewhere down the line and do a grumbling, rant-filled post. I’ll try not to.
ses x