Howdy! I’m doing a blog. Not sure why, I just thought I would. Seems everybody’s social networking nowadays, the virtual equivalent of leaning out of your window and shouting out your thoughts and feelings to whoever may be wandering past.
Sooo, I’m going to do the same, only I’m going to do it like this, in one neat, hopefully easy to digest package. If all goes to plan, I’ll churn something out at least once a week. Nothing more exciting than my opinions, my interpretations of things, and some utter nonsense too. If I refer to anyone in the public eye, I’ll refer to them by name, otherwise I’ll change names to respect people’s privacy, so if you know me, relax 😉
Feel free to leave me comments, it’ll make it all seem worthwhile, and if you have any requests, let me know, though I dread to think what anyone might request o_0
Right, that’s all for now, stay tuned lol

Cheers… ses x